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Tony-winning ‘The Inheritance’ is better in LA than on Broadway

BY CHARLES MCNULTY | THEATER CRITIC Hats off to the Geffen Playhouse for pulling off with exquisite panache a most difficult double-header in “The Inheritance,” Matthew López’s two-part, Tony-winning gay drama. This marathon undertaking, roughly 6½ hours long, is broken up into two plays. Forget about fast-food theater: This is a full-course dramatic meal...


Sticking ToYour Values & Empowering Others with Julie Ouellette

SHAY DOMINGUEZ | PODCAST Welcome! In today's episode of Level Up! With Shay, I have an awesome conversation with Julie Ouellette. Julie is one of those people who truly has faith in taking the next step and believing that whichever direction it is (a U-turn, a detour, a different exit) is the right move. I’m so excited for you to hear this episode! It’s real and it’s raw. Enjoy!

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